Yes! Acct.Me is built around the idea that one person can have multiple goals. You could be a teacher with one goal for “classroom expenses” and also a second goal for an end of the year field trip or classroom party. As a recipient, you can have as many goals as you need.
While you update which transactions to show to donors it is easiest to have a separate account for classroom goals. We love banks like Simple.Com for this use. You can use the account for all your expenses of the classroom and report things easier to the school. But, any US checking account works fine.
While we do not require school approval for you to collect money using Acct.Me you should have a conversation with your school’s administration regarding use of donated funds. We support funds being transferred to the school or directly to a teacher. If needed they can contact us directly and we will be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss all of the benefits of using Acct.Me.
Currently, the money you donate to a person is not considered a tax deduction. If you are donating to an organization, please contact your tax advisor for details on charitable giving. If you are a recipient; most donations on our service are considered personal gifts which are not taxed as income, but we recommend contacting a CPA or tax professional for advice.
We send payments to you once every two weeks after you start getting donations. We do not keep your donation until the full goal has been met. If you need the money now we can provide the use of our Instant Payment service. Using instant payments; you will get your funds from Acct.Me to your US based debit card within minutes. Additional rates do apply. See our rates for details.
The platform is free to signup and create a goal. Donors do not pay any fees on donations. Acct.Me does charge a flat 5% platform fee in addition to the transaction fees on donations that is paid at the time of the transaction. So the total cost is 5% + 2.9% + $0.30 = 7.9% + $0.30 per donation. As an example: If you receive $100 toward a goal the total fee is $8.20

**If you use our instant payment service there is an additional 5% transaction fee per transaction from Acct.Me to you.
Completely possible with Acct.Me. Each recipient should update their goals with photos and stories of how the money is being used, but they can also list the transactions and receipts from the purchases. Giving donors a full picture of how their money is being spent.
There are two ways that our platform helps teachers and schools track the expenses of the classroom goals.
1.Teachers provide photo and status updates on the goals.
2.We track the transactions from each goal and allow receipts to be included. Teachers can then export these expenses and updates to an excel spreadsheet that can be shared with their schools or administrators.